Treatments and Services

All aspects of routine footcare provided for, including toenail cutting, hard skin removal and corn treatments. We have invested in the latest equipment to ensure that your treatment is as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

In addition we also offer the complete range of treatments including:

  • Fungal nail treatment and advice
  • Problem toenail treatment and advice
  • Verruca treatment and advice, including swift microwave emblation, cryotherapy and dry needling
  • Nail surgery – for ingrowing toenails, thickened nails, fungal nails or any other problem nails
  • Annual “foot MOTs” for people with diabetes
  • Annual “inflammatory arthritis MOTs” (for example rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis)
  • In-shoe orthotics (fully custom)
  • Other orthotics (for example Richie brace for serious pronation related disorders)
  • Running injuries and other sports injuries
  • Footwear advice
  • Pain management – we are expert in the diagnosis and treatment of numerous conditions that effect the feet, legs hips and spine.  Some common conditions treated include:
    • Plantar fasciitis (also known as policeman’s heel), and general heel pain
    • Morton’s neuroma and digital neuritis
    • Metatarsalgia and capsulitis
    • Bunions (also known as hallux valgus)
    • Hammer toes and mallet toes
    • Shin splints (also known as medial tibial stress syndrome)
    • Tendonitis / tendinopathy (for example Achilles tendonitis)
    • Arch pain (for example posterior tibial tendon dysfunction)
    • Flat feet (adult or juvenile)
    • High arched feet
    • Growing pains and growth related conditions in children and young adults (for example Osgood Schlatters disease or Sever’s disease)

Treatment costs

Routine treatment, from £38

Biomechanical consultation, £48

Please call for all other enquiries